Mission & Values

We care about our members. Our evolved pharmacy benefit management model is designed to provide the best patient care possible, always putting members first.

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Drug prices are spiraling out of control; it’s time for a change. BeneCard PBF lowers prescription drug prices by working directly with prescribers and pharmacists while offering clear pricing info to our members. Our commitment to ethics, enhanced clinical programs, and plan design flexibility bring improved health outcomes and demonstrated savings year after year.

We put patients first

Unlike other PBMs, BeneCard PBF is privately owned, so we’re dedicated to our members rather than shareholders. Our focus on ethics, full disclosure, and clinical excellence is part of our drive to bring impactful change to the industry.

Committed to transparency

Patients shouldn’t have to guess when it comes to prescription drug prices. We make prices clear by providing real-time detailed pricing information to support informed decision-making. Our programs are fully auditable, allowing plan sponsors to verify our results.