We’re committed to providing an exceptional benefit program tailored to the unique needs of any organization.

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We’re all patients, and we all use the healthcare system. Declining health outcomes and increasing costs from a broken PBM system may be the norm, but this is no longer acceptable. That’s why BeneCard PBF is committed to providing and maintaining an exceptional benefit program by working closely with administrative staff, personnel, and fund offices. 

Our goal is to ensure you receive specialized care and attention. We make pharmacy benefit management trouble-free from implementation to ongoing service. Our proprietary technology offers complete flexibility in plan design, and we can support regular in-person meetings with availability for every client to the full extent were needed.

Complete Care Coordination

BeneCard PBF provides complete care coordination focused on improving member outcomes with their medication via high-touch member care, assistance to patients for treatment adherence, dedicated member advocates, and direct access to our nurses and pharmacists. We’re here when you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Containing Costs Now and in the Future

While many players within the healthcare industry are distracted by financial incentives that influence prescribing, costs can be controlled without this conflict of interest when intelligent data mining, analytics, and caring clinical programs guide prescribing practices. BeneCard PBF has unique expertise in the modeling of prescription plan performance. Our job is to provide you with all the benefit tools available to manage cost, quality, and service.

Pharmacy Network Options

We work closely with pharmacies to provide an extensive network of over 68,000 providers to meet prescription medication needs and improve ease of access to patient refills. Pricing improvements negotiated with the retail network are passed along to members and partners.


BenePrecise is an intelligent tool that personalizes care through precision medicine, examining differences in metabolism that occur at a genetic level and how the body processes certain medications. It controls costs by eliminating waste and preventing serious complications that can occur when medications don’t work as desired or expected for a patient.

Pharmacy Locator

Search our network of providers to find a pharmacy near you. Please note that some pharmacies found in the general network may not be participating in your group’s program.

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Drug Pricing

Our drug pricing tool allows you to check costs at network pharmacies. You can also review your plan’s copay structure in the Member Portal or contact Member Services for assistance.

Clinical Review

Some medications require a Clinical Review to check for potential safety issues. During the review, our pharmacists will look at the medication you’ve been prescribed along with your unique health profile. This includes the diagnosis the medication is intended to treat, other medications you may be taking, and any other health conditions you may have.

FDA Guidelines

Our pharmacists also take into account guidelines issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the medication’s manufacturer. These guidelines contain information on safe and effective use, such as appropriate dosing, age limitations, and important warnings and contraindications.

Track Your Review

You can track the Clinical Review process online through the Member Portal and sign up for email alerts. This can even help you reach out to your prescriber to find out if they have received any requests for information from BeneCard PBF, and if they’ve had a chance to respond to the inquiry.