BeneCard PBF uses the science of pharmacogenetics to personalize patient care and reduce healthcare costs, by identifying whether a medication may be effective for the member.

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Medications can be therapeutic and life-saving. They can also be entirely ineffective, harmful, or even fatal. Medication failures are overwhelmingly due to a few differences in our genetic makeup that lead to poor outcomes. This is the cost of impersonal prescribing. Through the science of pharmacogenetics (PGt) we are now able to understand which medications are most effective for each individual and which should be avoided.

By applying this knowledge to clinical care, the BenePrecise® program was developed to make personalized prescribing possible. Through this program, BeneCard PBF offers a tested methodology for accurately and personally identifying patient needs making healthcare more effective, efficient, and less costly.

How BenePrecise Works

Pharmacogenetics testing is an easy-to-use oral swab which analyzes the genes that control how a person metabolizes different medications. Some people metabolize a drug so rapidly that therapeutically effective blood and tissue concentrations are not reached. For others, their metabolism may be so slow that usual doses have toxic effects.

Immediate Impact

Using this intelligent tool brings personalized care with precision medicine and controls costs by eliminating waste. BeneCard PBF pharmacists use this valuable information to coordinate with prescribers and immediately begin an individualized approach to treatment.

Don’t continue to pay for medications that simply can’t provide the expected results due to how they interact with the patient’s metabolism.


Member Benefits of BenePrecise

BenePrecise® proactively helps improve outcomes while reducing the need for more acute care (emergency visits, hospitalizations), and additional office visits. This results in savings of overall medical costs.

  • Maximizes the intended use of the medication
  • Speeds time to therapeutic benefit
  • Reduces medication costs and avoids waste
  • Lessens the chance of side effects and/or dependency
  • Reduces adverse drug reactions

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